High Sensitivity cTnT Rules Out Acute Cardiac Insufficiency Trial (TACIT)

PI: Peter Pang, MD

Sponsor: Investigator Initiated Trial from Roche Diagnostics 

Hospitalization for acute heart failure (AHF) results in a high rate of post-discharge mortality and re-admissions, as well as high financial costs.1-3 Reducing 30-day re-admissions after AHF hospitalization is a major national quality goal intended to both improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Such efforts however, often focus on patients at highest risk, presuming that these patients represent the greatest potential opportunity. Another approach involves safely preventing hospitalizations when a patient presents to the ED for their initial evaluation.


Retrospective analysis suggest patients with low hsTnT level are at very low risk for adverse events. With this pilot study, we will generate the necessary and sufficient pilot data to inform the design of a definitive trial to test whether identification of low risk acute heart failure (AHF) patients with negative serial hsTnT in the ED may be safely discharged home or observed briefly in observation status.